Yukari Yakumo
Idle stance

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Yukari Yakumo/RicePigeon's second version

Life Value



Zoning, Mix-up

Combo Type

Type I

Tier Placement

B (7/23)


  • Excellent reset game
  • Good offensive pressure and mix-ups
  • Doesn't care about being trapped in corners
  • Gaps can easily shut down projectile-oriented characters
  • Can play either offensively or defensively
  • Can extend hitstun
  • Access to a very good reversal in Border Sign "Quadruple Barrier"
  • Shikigami "Ran Yakumo" spellcard can lock down opponents
  • Shikigami "Ran Yakumo" and Shikigami "Chen" spellcards allow Yukari to act while the summons are still on screen
  • One of two characters to be blessed with a Level 2 spellcard
  • Both Last Words are unblockable


  • Is a bit reliant on Shikigami "Chen" to get a combo going
  • Gazing Eyes disappear if Yukari is hit
  • Not very fast
  • Has a rather weak aerial game
  • Corner teleport has a lot of recovery time
  • Obsolete Line "Trip to the Old Station" spellcard leaves Yukari wide open without specific setups

Advanced Tactics

Like most characters, Yukari can cancel her back dash into her aerial normals. When done quickly enough, this can greatly reduce the recovery of some of her air normals, especially her aerial Button-D+(Y)Button-y, which is a great cross-up tool in general. Interestingly, because Yukari's air (Z)Button-z cancels her momentum, she can use this with her back dash to fish for counterhits, as the startup invincibility of her back dash combined with the forward momentum of air (Z)Button-z will usually cause her to land near her original starting position.

Against projectile heavy characters, absorbing enough projectiles with Ride the Waves and then firing them back with Fight the Ocean usually provides tons of hitstun or blockstun on the opponent, allowing Yukari to get close; if timed right, this can be used to set up her command grabs: Maxwell's Demon for a combo, or "Danmaku Bounded Field" if she has a full Power meter. "Chen" can also be used in a similar manner, albeit at the cost of Power.


Vs. Alice Margatroid

Vs. Byakuren Hijiri

Vs. Cirno

Vs. Eirin Yagokoro

Yukari's Ride the Waves is a pain for Eirin, as it more or less invalidates the vast majority of Eirin's arsenal while building up Yukari's own projectile game with a fully charged Fight the Ocean. Yukari can also play mindgames with Eirin with her Illusionary Rift or escape corner pressure with her Border Teleport. Yukari just needs to be wary of ice Elixirs when she reappears on the other side.

Vs. Flandre Scarlet

Vs. Fujiwara no Mokou

Vs. Hong Meiling

Vs. Kanako Yasaka

Vs. Koishi Komeiji

Vs. Komachi Onozuka

Vs. Lie Meiling

Vs. Marisa Kirisame

Vs. Patchouli Knowledge

Vs. Reimu Hakurei

Vs. Reisen Udongein Inaba

Vs. Remilia Scarlet

Vs. Sakuya Izayoi

Vs. Sanae Kochiya

Vs. Utsuho Reiuji

Vs. Youmu Konpaku

Vs. Yukari Yakumo

Vs. Yuuka Kazami

Vs. Yuyuko Saigyouji

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