Sakuya Izayoi
Idle stance

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Sakuya Izayoi/RicePigeon's version

Life Value



Zoning, Rushdown

Combo Type

Type I

Tier Placement

D (22/23)


  • Decent mobility
  • Forward dash shrinks her hurtbox size substantially
  • Sense of Thrown Edge and Illusory Sign "Killing Doll" stay on-screen even if hit prematurely
  • Can play either offensively or defensively
  • Consists of multi-projectile attacks to provide cover fire and win projectile wars
  • (Z)Button-z is an excellent poke
  • Only character with a safe overhead attack
  • One of the few characters with a teleport
  • Sense of Thrown Edge, Bound/No-Bounce and Illusory Sign "Killing Doll" provide great pressure
  • "Sakuya's World" is an almost guaranteed combo


  • Below average Life value
  • Knives tend to lose against characters with beam attacks
  • Sense of Thrown Edge has bad recovery time
  • No true reversal outside of her Spellcards
  • Low damage output on many of her attacks
  • "Sakuya's World" startup time leaves Sakuya wide open, can sometimes freeze the opponent in an invulnerable state if timed improperly

Advanced Tactics


Vs. Alice Margatroid

Vs. Byakuren Hijiri

Vs. Cirno

Vs. Eirin Yagokoro

Sakuya's Bounce/No-bounce is one of the few projectile attacks that can go toe-to-toe with Eirin's arrows and come out as the victor; furthermore, Vanishing Everything gives Sakuya a way around Eirin's lockdown, though she leaves herself vulnerable afterward if mistimed.

Vs. Flandre Scarlet

Vs. Fujiwara no Mokou

Vs. Hong Meiling

Vs. Kanako Yasaka

Vs. Koishi Komeiji

Vs. Komachi Onozuka

Vs. Lie Meiling

Vs. Marisa Kirisame

Vs. Patchouli Knowledge

Vs. Reimu Hakurei

Vs. Reisen Udongein Inaba

Vs. Remilia Scarlet

Vs. Sakuya Izayoi

Vs. Sanae Kochiya

Vs. Utsuho Reiuji

Vs. Youmu Konpaku

Vs. Yukari Yakumo

Sakuya's options are rather limited, as thanks to Yukari's gaps, Bounce/No-Bounce and Sense of Thrown Edge only serve to power up her Fight the Ocean and Gazing Eye attacks. Fortunately, Sakuya has enough melee attacks to keep up the fight against Yukari, as Time Paradox can keep Yukari guessing which version of Urashima's Box to use, while Cross-up Magic is pretty decent at avoiding/punishing Illusionary Rift. Use of "Sakuya's World" should be avoided unless Yukari is getting up from a Knockdown, as she can time her teleports to render herself invulnerable for the entirety of the Spellcard's duration.

Vs. Yuuka Kazami

Vs. Yuyuko Saigyouji

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