Remilia Scarlet
Idle stance

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Remilia Scarlet/RicePigeon's version

Life Value




Combo Type

Type I

Tier Placement

S (1/23)


  • Extremely good mobility
  • Has a good number of positive matchups against the rest of the cast with very few bad matchups
  • Plays a very threatening pressure game
  • Capable of restoring her own Life
  • Smaller hurtboxes than most of the cast
  • Possesses great anti-air attacks
  • Chain Gang provides a good okizeme tool and combo extender


  • Below average Life value
  • Has an awkward dash that only moves a predetermined distance
  • Many Specials have low hit priority

Advanced Tactics

Due to Remilia's unique forward dash, she can utilize this to perform her aerial normals low to the ground. Air Button-D+(Y)Button-y and Air (Z)Button-z, in particular, work very well with this as they provide Remilia with a good frame advantage due to the low height, with the former acting as a hit confirm and the latter performing a groundbounce on counterhit. Note however that Air Button-D+(Y)Button-y does not hit overhead and can be blocked low, unlike most aerial attacks. Air Button-F+(Z)Button-z works best with Remilia's back dash due to cancelling her momentum and allowing her to gain distance on the opponent, as well as fish for a counterhit.

【THRP】 Remilia Corner Resets01:16

【THRP】 Remilia Corner Resets

Remilia also has plenty of scary reset options at her disposal, including a meaty low, her overhead, and her command grab.

The (Z)Button-z version of Chain Gang provides Remilia with a very useful tool for combos. It can be used to start a combo, or extend one. Due to juggle mechanics, Remilia will usually be able to pull off two (Z)Button-z chains in a combo, allowing her to chase the opponent and link into moves she would not be able to otherwise. Outside of the (Z)Button-z version, (X)Button-x and (Y)Button-y Chain Gang retain usefulness as an okizeme tool, as they persist even after Remilia has finished the move, forcing the opponent to block or jump to avoid it, thus allowing Remilia to respond accordingly. This is particularly useful for Vampire Kiss setups should the opponent choose to block.


Vs. Alice Margatroid

Vs. Byakuren Hijiri

Vs. Cirno

Vs. Eirin Yagokoro

Vs. Flandre Scarlet

Vs. Fujiwara no Mokou

Vs. Hong Meiling

Vs. Kanako Yasaka

Vs. Koishi Komeiji

Vs. Komachi Onozuka

Vs. Lie Meiling

Vs. Marisa Kirisame

Marisa is one of the tougher match-ups for Remilia due to her arsenal of projectiles. The speed of Witching Blaster and EX Witching Blaster are tricky to dodge, while the length of Narrow Spark and Master Spark's active frames make dodging them with Demon Lord Walk close to impossible. Furthermore, due to Remilia's unique dash mechanics, she renders herself vulnerable to Marisa's Miasma Sweep. The best window of opportunity for Remilia comes from punishing a blocked Witch Leyline, which can be baited with Chain Gang. Overall, getting close to Marisa recklessly can often spell doom for Remilia.

Vs. Patchouli Knowledge

Vs. Reimu Hakurei

Vs. Reisen Udongein Inaba

Vs. Remilia Scarlet

Vs. Sakuya Izayoi

Vs. Sanae Kochiya

Vs. Utsuho Reiuji

Vs. Youmu Konpaku

Vs. Yukari Yakumo

Vs. Yuuka Kazami

Vs. Yuyuko Saigyouji

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