Reimu Hakurei
Idle stance

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Reimu Hakurei/RicePigeon's version

Life Value



Zoning, Charge

Combo Type

Type I

Tier Placement

B (11/23)


  • Average Life value
  • Great offensive pressure
  • Has access to an air throw
  • Has a wide variety of Command Normals at her disposal


  • Damage can be a bit weak
  • Maintaining a charge input can be difficult when trying to apply pressure
  • Inputs for "Omnidirectional Demon Binding Circle" take some getting used to

Advanced Tactics

Reimu's Button-D+(Y)Button-y and Aerial (Y)Button-y are among some of the best Normals in the game due to their range, allowing her to poke opponents. The multi-hit properties of these two moves also make for excellent hit confirms. Even though these have a negative frame advantage on block, these two moves push the opponent far enough from Reimu to make it difficult to retaliate.

As with most charge characters, learning how to buffer a directional charge will be essential to winning with Reimu. This can usually be done during the animation of another attack. Button-D+(Y)Button-y and Aerial (Y)Button-y are perfect for this due to their multi-hitting nature, allowing enough time for Reimu to build a charge. Furthermore, since Button-D+(Y)Button-y is a good hit confirm on its own, cancelling this directly into Ascension Kick on hit is often not a bad idea.


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