Hong Meiling
Idle stance

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Hong Meiling/RicePigeon's third version

Life Value




Combo Type

Type 1

Tier Placement

C (15/23)


  • Good movement speed
  • Excellent rushdown tactics
  • Wide array of Command Normals at her disposal
  • Only member of the cast with a Launcher attack
  • Possesses great divekick normals
  • Has the highest combo damage potential of the entire cast


  • Slightly below average Life value
  • Struggles with some of the more projectile-heavy characters in the roster
  • Projectiles are only close to mid range
  • Is often overshadowed by her evil counterpart

Advanced Tactics

【THRP】the guessing game w Hong00:55

【THRP】the guessing game w Hong

Meiling's reset and mix-up potential

Meiling's divekick Command Normals, coupled with her crouching (X)Button-x, can prove to be a valuable reset tool during a combo. Many of Meiling's Specials tend to launch the opponent, giving her ample time to squeeze in a divekick. From this point, she can play mix-up games with her opponent by going Low with Tremor Kick, hitting overhead with another divekick, or throwing the opponent. The former two options are generally good ways to set up a combo into "Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm"; the combined damage can prove to be quite lethal to most of the cast.


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Vs. Yuyuko Saigyouji

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