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C (14/23)

Eirin is a mid-tier zoning character who excels at keepaway and preventing an opponent's advances. Compared to the rest of the cast, Eirin can easily fill the screen with her projectiles, allowing her to easily win projectile firefights, to the point where characters that have tools for getting past projectiles can have difficulty approaching her. Eirin's greatest weakness is that while she excels at keeping opponents away, she isn't able to do much once they're up in her face.


  • Excellent keepaway game
  • Easily wins projectile wars against other characters
  • Fast startup on many of her attacks
  • Decent okizeme tool with Lunar Debris
  • Level 1 Spellcards provide excellent utility without being overly dependent on them


  • Below average Life
  • Weak mobility
  • Cannot chain (Y)Button-y Normals into (Z)Button-z Normals
  • Lacks any kind of reversal options
  • Saturn V is easily punishable
  • Level 3 Spellcards are generally not very useful

Advanced Tactics


Vs. Alice Margatroid

Vs. Byakuren Hijiri

Due to the massive amount of projectiles Eirin has, Byakuren players will be very hard pressed to find opportunities to accumulate orb charges, or even be able to get near Eirin; Byakuren's only means of getting past projectiles, such as Skanda's Leg and Virupaksa's Eye requires these charges, so Byakuren is more or less a sitting duck without them. Byakuren's best bet is to play conservatively while building meter to use "Brilliance of Mahavairocana", which will counter any of Eirin's projectiles and smack her. Eirin players should be wary when Byakuren has meter to spare, as any stray arrow could potentially mean an unavoidable counterattack, otherwise Eirin should have little-to-no difficulty with Byakuren.

Vs. Cirno

Cirno is one of the few characters capable of completely locking down Eirin's zoning. Often, a full strength Icicle Shot is enough to beat out Eirin's zoning while heavily pressuring her. Should Eirin attempt to punish Icicle Shot with Saturn V, she renders herself vulnerable to being frozen by Icicle Fairy Sculpture. Even if the two moves were to trade, the advantage is still in Cirno's favor, as the time it takes for Eirin to defrost will either leave her completely open to a combo at best, or at worst leave both Cirno and Eirin at a neutral advantage. Should Eirin attempt to jump to avoid the Icicles instead, both Button-D+(Y)Button-y and Icicle Sword can easily knock her out of the sky.

Vs. Eirin Yagokoro

Lunar archer warfare. If the opponent consistently spams Burst Shot, they can be punished with a Saturn V, though potential Saturn V attempts can be intercepted with either Lunar Debris or "Apollo 13", with the latter also providing cover to continue an assault. Ultimately it comes down to a game of rock-paper-scissors (or "arrow-jump-space junk" in this case).

Vs. Flandre Scarlet

Vs. Fujiwara no Mokou

Vs. Hong Meiling

Vs. Kanako Yasaka

Vs. Koishi Komeiji

Vs. Komachi Onozuka

Vs. Lie Meiling

Meiling's evil self combines all the best traits of Sakuya's zoning and Yuuka's brute force damage, having a projectile that, although slower in startup, can go toe to toe with Eirin's arrows, as well as a teleport that can bypass them altogether. Unlike Sakuya, Lie Meiling can cancel her teleport into her "Youkai Armageddon" Last Word when she's close. (Y)Button-y Burst Shots can effectively keep Lie out of the air, forcing her to stay on the ground where a mistimed Ashura Warp can be punished with an ice Elixir to the face.

Vs. Marisa Kirisame

Marisa can keep up the projectile war with Narrow Spark and "Master Spark", with the former allowing her to simultaneously build up star charges for EX Witch Leyline, allowing Marisa to safely approach Eirin and proceed to bring the fight to close range.

Vs. Patchouli Knowledge

Vs. Reimu Hakurei

Vs. Reisen Udongein Inaba

Vs. Remilia Scarlet

Vs. Sakuya Izayoi

Sakuya's Bounce/No-bounce is one of the few projectile attacks that can go toe-to-toe with Eirin's arrows and come out as the victor; furthermore, Vanishing Everything gives Sakuya a way around Eirin's lockdown, though she leaves herself vulnerable afterward if mistimed.

Vs. Sanae Kochiya

Earth Goddess ~ Shield and Cobalt Spread are perhaps Sanae's best tools for dealing with Eirin, as the former has enough stamina to protect Sanae against a volley of arrows, while the latter gives Sanae a pressure tool that bypasses Eirin's arrows; however, Sanae can have difficulty setting up the Bubble due to its lengthy startup, so hitting her out of it will effectively waste her Suwako summon. A combination of Earth Goddess ~ Snare and Cobalt Spread can force an Eirin user to halt their keepaway game and be more mindful of their positioning, giving Sanae time to act and approach.

Vs. Utsuho Reiuji

Vs. Youmu Konpaku

Vs. Yukari Yakumo

Yukari's Ride the Waves poses a significant obstacle to Eirin, as it more or less invalidates the vast majority of Eirin's arsenal, while at the same time building up Yukari's own projectile game to give her a fully charged Fight the Ocean. Yukari can use Illusionary Rift to play mindgames with Eirin, or use her Border Teleport in order to escape corner pressure.

Vs. Yuuka Kazami

Yuuka typically has great difficulty getting close to Eirin to deal any meaningful damage, as her armored attacks are generally useless against Eirin's vast array of multi-projectile attacks; her safest bet in this case is Thorny Rose, but even with that, Eirin can still easily punish Yuuka from a distance.

While Eirin has an easy time keeping Yuuka away from her, it's pretty much game over once she does manage to get within range.

Vs. Yuyuko Saigyouji

Yuyuko's (Y)Button-y and (Z)Button-z Butterfly Dream Dance can easily punish a mistimed arrow flurry, allowing Yuyuko to pass by unharmed while gaining distance. Ghostly Butterfly can also let Yuyuko maintain pressure on Eirin, forcing her to choose between reacting to them or to Yuyuko.

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