Toa Mata
Artwork showing the Toa Mata from left to right: Onua, Lewa, Pohatu, Tahu, Kopaka and Gali




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The Toa Mata are a group consisting of six different Toa, a race of a biomechanical beings each with their own elemental power. Their leader is Tahu, the Toa of Fire.

The Toa crash-landed on the shores of Mata Nui inside different capsules, which burst open upon their arrival, scattering their pieces on the beach near to where they landed. Being robotic, they reconstructed themselves piece-by-piece until fully built. Their goal was to awaken the Great Spirit who had been put to sleep by Makuta, the sinister and evil antagonist of the series. At the end of their quest, they successfully defeated Makuta and awakened the Great Spirit.

A Toa Mata character was created for M.U.G.E.N by a Japanese creator known as Kozeni. The character starts off just as Tahu, but when he gets enough power, one of the Toa Mata can be summoned by pressing either the b, c, x, y, or z buttons. Once all of the Toa Mata have been summoned, certain hypers become usable such as the devastating Toa Kaita.



The Toa Mata character makes use of all of the six Toa, but starts off with just Tahu. In order to summon another member of the Toa Mata, at least 1000 power is required. Due to there being a possible six characters against just one, the Toa Mata is relatively cheap, another factor that suggests this is the fact that the attacks used by the Toa either deal shield damage or break the shield completely, not to meantion that when timed correctly, Tahu's standard 'a' attack becomes really spammable; to make matters worse, palette twelve automatically gives a full power meter and has all of the members pre-summoned. A nice feature of the Toa Mata is that some of the members can combine their hyper attacks to form an even more powerful hyper. When all the members have been gathered, they can combine all of their hypers together in one devastating attack.