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Tiger Knee
Move animation

Original command input

DHCF Button-abc

First user



Street Fighter

Tiger Knee refers to both one of Sagat's Special Attacks and the command inputs originally needed to execute said attack.

As an attack, Tiger Knee is executed by inputting DHCF Button-abc in Street Fighter II and with DP Button-abc in all other appearances. Its main uses are as an anti-air, a combo ender, or as a far punish.

As an input, the original Tiger Knee motion is similar to the half circle forward motion, except that the player must first start on DB instead of Button-B, and the motion must end on UF instead of Button-F. Because the special can only be executed from the ground, players who are not used to inputting the command may accidentally jump.

Deriving from the original command input for the move, the term "Tiger Knee" may also refer to a technique sometimes known as Instant Air Specials. Taking advantage of input leniency in most games, an aerial Special that requires a quarter circle forward input may be done immediately from the ground by substituting the final Button-F directional input with UF instead, similar to how the original Tiger Knee input was executed. This causes the special to be executed at the earliest possible moment during the resulting jump. "Tiger Knee-ing" a command input is not limited to just quarter circle forward motions, as long as the final directional input is either UF or UB.