Tier 1
Site logo and front page, prior to its demise


Site no longer exists


Forum, release directory, creation hosting



Years Active

2015 - 2016

Tier 1 was a M.U.G.E.N website that was founded on August 1st 2014 by Genesis and Azreal, as well as being co-founded by ScourgeSplitter. It was primarily a forum where releases and upcoming releases were showcased, though it did feature its own chatroom.

As Tier 1 was newer than some of the more well-known websites like Mugen Fighters Guild and Mugen Free For All, it was relatively unheard of, so its userbase wasn't overly large. Most of the users who had joined the site were informed about it by already existing members or the staff via other M.U.G.E.N websites, as opposed to finding it through an Internet search. The front page of the site featured a large section dedicated to forum activity, while sidebars showed recent posts and topics, a searchbar, a list of online users, hosted creator sites and affiliate sites, among other things.

On June 12th 2015, less than a year after its conception, Genesis announced that Tier 1 would be going offline permanently after issues regarding server costs and Genesis' own lack of interest in M.U.G.E.N and its community; the site ultimately went offline on June 17th 2015.

On 13th August, Genesis proposed the possibility of bringing the site back in one of his status updates on Mugen Free For All, which was met with positive reception.[1] Later that month in another status update, Genesis confirmed that Tier 1 was to return[2]; coinciding with this, the former site URL displayed a giant blue T with the caption 'See Ya Soon' at the bottom of it, as opposed to the closed-down notice it had before. On 29th December, Genesis (under the new alias of Demitri) posted a farewell topic on Mugen Free For All announcing that he was once again retiring from M.U.G.E.N, and as a result, he had no further intention to revive Tier 1, or at least, not under the same name nor purpose.[3]


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