• Mugen 2015-06-28 09-15-39-301

    Mizoguchi is yet another success by Kamekaze. Lilith is good too, but for a MvC character, it has a somewhat complicated launcher ( DF (Z)Button-z ).



    And the two other characters I was referring to:

    Mugen 2015-06-28 09-12-12-478

    Tetsu Yatogi by Descolor: Believe it or not, Tetsu isn't one of XCB's original characters, as he came from a fighting game creator on the PSX called Kakugre Yaro. XCB's version is custom, this one is sauce accurate. Both are pretty fun to use, so take whichever version you like for a spin.

    Ol' Style Reimu by an Unknown Creator: A headswap of PotS' Geese Howard with a Yukkuri version of Reimu as she appeared in the very first Touhou games.



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