• So I noticed that Shanxi's Bowser had a lack of multiple palettes, so I decided to make some. I also decided to make different soundpacks for him, as well as a Dark Bowser palette and soundpack.

    Here is the link:

    I would have made specific win quotes for him too, but I just could not figure it out at all. I tried every method (feel free to try to help though, I appreciate it ;v;), but for now, I'll just leave it in somebody else's hands. I mean, I can barely even code. uvu;;


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    • Originalbowser, redbowser and shrowser don't appear to be any different from the original palette.

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    • ...

      Oh. owo;;

      It appears I sent the wrong versions (got my main MUGEN confused with another)--I'm sorry. uvu I'll fix it immediately.

      Update: Fixed the link up. Hopefully it's the right ones this time - if not, please let me know. uvu Thank you in advance.

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    • Hey Midori.

      Just wanted to say, nice work on your extra palettes for K-Y-Shanxi's Bowser. He's my favourite version of Bowser, but it's a shame the original didn't have more palettes. One problem though - only the Dark and Dry Bowser palettes are working for me, and the others are just the same as the standard palette. Is this just me, or is it a simple mistake?

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    • As I say, some of the palettes WERE fixed. Your Dry Bowser and Dark Bowser palettes work perfectly fine. It was just the other palettes you made.

      Thanks for the link though. I shall try downloading the other palettes again. :)

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    • Dry Bowser and Dark Bowser were the two palettes that did work. To quote myself:

      PlasmoidThunder wrote:
      Originalbowser, redbowser and shrowser don't appear to be any different from the original palette.

      He then fixed them and updated the download link accordingly, though that link now directs to the older versions for some strange reason. What's written in the OP is the correct download link, but the actual link is different to the written link, if you get what I'm saying; point is, I've corrected it so it links to the same link that's written, which is the correct link.

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    • Huh, I suppose that makes sense.

      Good thing I know the basics of making palettes, as I've decided to create some of my own to fill the remaining three slots. Although it's only his shell, eye and hair colour that's being changed, it's still better than nothing right?

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