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The Mythical Dacentrurian
The Mythical Dacentrurian
Snes version of The Mythical Dacentrurian


Dark Ruler,The Lost Viking (edit)


SNES Version:

Arcade Version:

The Lost Viking´s Edit :


Joe & Mac

The Mythical Dacentrurian is the ninth boss in the Joe & Mac Series. He has two main methods of attack. In Mugen, he has been made by Dark Ruler.

His MUGEN version of the two. (Both authors are.)

The Mythical Dacentrurian

Gameplay[SNES Version]

He rises up into the air and comes down in the center of the stage and bounces around back to the position. His second attack is to revolve around the middle platform several times. Unlike a lot of Dark Ruler's characters, his attacks can be blocked.

Dacetrurian Arcade

Gameplay[Arcade Version]

Exactly this version of the pattern, there are two. Gets on his first jump while rolling direction pattern.Twist his direction while rolling jump higher than the first pattern, the second pattern.Stamina and occasional tail attack (30%), and the first pattern in the schedule falls below the body in a small thorn ball launch. This version is possible to also guard.

  • Movelist to be completed

The Lost Viking Siniestra´s Edit

A wiki contributor called The Lost Viking Siniestra made an edit of the arcade version. It uses a better portrait, which was requested by Zobbes. In this version, the size has been changed from 1.15 to 1 to get the correct size. Also, its stats have been edited. So far it is harder to beat, and easier to use in this edited version. Its life, power and attack are higher, but its defence is lower.

Dacetrurian Arcade

Life : 1500

Power : 4000

Atack : 107

Defence : 95

Super RGM MUGEN Yoshi - The Mythical Dacentrurian01:39

Super RGM MUGEN Yoshi - The Mythical Dacentrurian

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