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The Moon is both a boss character and a joke character created by fhqwhgads7. The Moon himself originates from the I Wanna Be the Guy fangame where we was featured as one of the many obsacles that The Kid had to avoid on his journey. The Moon was also featured in one of Dracula's moves as a flying obstacle that was shot from his cape. There are two versions of the moon both made by fhqwhgads7, the first is one themed around a IWBTG boss battle and the other one is a joke character.


This version of The Moon is a boss battle styled match themed to be like the boss characters from the IWBTG game. The introduction for The Moon is an altered version of the introduction to the IWBTG version of the Mecha Dragon from the original game where a picture of the moon shown on the Front Door of The Guy Stage which increases in size until Mecha Dragon appears, however as Mecha Dragon roars at the opponent The Moon drops down destroying Mecha Dragon who explodes off screen and then starting the round.

Durring his battle, his AI has a set routine to attacking the player. He will first use his normal target slam attack a few times with fit periods of time before each attack, he will then shoot a star projectile at the player and resume attacking with his different attacks. Eventually his power bar will become full causing one of two super attacks to occur. The first being a rapid fire of star projectiles which will shoot underneath the player who if fast enouth can be avoided, the other super involves disappering off-screen and the stage going into red alert as he will crash down to the stage much bigger than normal coving most of the stage which will instantly kill the player, although this move is unavoidable, there are rare occations where the player can just avoid the attack without taking any damage.

The Moon has a high health bar much more than the normal player. He is unable to jump and floats above the stage only able to move slowly left and right, his power bar also charges thought the match very slowly buts stops whenever he attacks. Also, whenever he is battling, he has his own battle music which will over-write the current stage music.



A - Crush


B - Floor Grind


C - Super Crush


X - Star Shot (requires 300 Power)


Y - Dark Star (requires 500 Power)


Z - Star Shake (requires 2000 power)


Doomsday - Down, Down, Z (requires 3000 power)


Palette Gallery

The Moon only has a single palette, but selecting a different color palette (up to 6) will actually show a different round-shaped image.

The Moon (Gag)

Unlike the other version of The Moon, this version has a very different style of battling. When you start the match, a giant version of the moon covering around half of the stage will appear; when the round starts, the only way that The Moon can attack the opponent is to roll or jump onto his opponents much like how it attacked in the IWBTG games. Unlike the other version of The Moon, this one dosn't come with his own background music meaning you get whatever music is assigned to the stage, he does, however, have the similar damage output and the same amount of health.


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