The Garage
Kim Kaphwan encounters Guy and his decidedly out-of-character car collection on The Garage





The Garage is an original stage set in a somewhat run-down tuning garage not dissimilar to those featured in the Need for Speed series, complete with bordered-up windows and visible cracks along the walls. Befitting of such a location, a wide array of tools and car parts can be seen placed on shelves in the background, along with four cars situated mostly on the right half of the building, two of which appear to in the process of modification while the other two are running in neutral gear, producing exhaust fumes that add to the faint veil of smoke covering the lower portion of the screen.

In M.U.G.E.N, The Garage has been made by EXShadow, comprised of seemingly original elements and featuring depictions of actual car models.

EXShadow's version

The Garage
'She's So High (Taiki Nulight Remix)' by Keys N Krates





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The Garage sees combatants fighting in front of various background elements such as four cars, various car parts, tools and pieces of machinery, and a lone mechanic, only obscured by a thin layer of exhaust fumes and a stack of crates on the far left of the screen. The stage is illuminated primarily by a bright low-hanging ceiling light attached to what appears to be a large support frame, with smaller lights visible in the more enclosed areas; sunlight can be seen seeping through a number of small holes and a somewhat large gap near the top of the building, though this is only enough to illuminate a small area around them. The building itself is in a somewhat unkempt state, with bordered-up windows, a large crack running along one of the walls, wires strewn across the floor and noticeable patches of damp located in various spots, particularly underneath the windows and cracks. Two of the four cars present within The Garage are in the process of modification and/or repair, with the leftmost car displaying an exposed engine with a number of sparks flying from it; the other two are running in neutral gear and producing a prominent amount of exhaust fumes, with the red car's tail lights illuminating intermittently. Being an enclosed space, the stage is neither particularly wide nor tall, though the tall ceiling would imply otherwise in regards to the latter; even though the stage features camera zoom, characters still go mostly off-screen when performing a Super Jump, hindering visibility of air combos.