Taizo Hori
Taizo Hori
Artwork from the Mr. Driller series






Dig Dug

Taizo Hori is Susumu Hori (Mr. Driller)'s father, and the main protagonist of the Dig Dug games. Taizo was once married to Toby Masuyo, the protagonist of Baraduke, but they became divorced for an unknown reason.

Taizo is the chairman of the Driller Council, and solved the Dig Dug incident of 1982. Taizo now likes to go travelling around the world, and is almost never home, which often makes Susumu, his son, sad. Taizo, also a glory-seeker, sometimes becomes jealous of Susumu's popularity, since he believes he is the best driller and won't waste a chance to brag about it. Taizo has been identified as not being very intelligent, as evidenced in one of his cutscenes for Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits, when he thought that money was food. He also has appered in Namco Vs. Capcom.

In M.U.G.E.N, Taizo Hori has been made 4 times by BMC, Tetsuo99999(?) and Unknown.

BMC's version

Taizo cannot block and has a set number of "lives" so whenever he gets hit, he dies only to respawn. His default lives are set to 3. He also only has 2 moves, A jackhammer which causes various objects like random things, Pookas, rocks, rarely Fygars and VERY rarely Miru (from Pac & Pal) to fall from the sky and his trademark pump which is a 1 hit KO, thus making him a bit overpowered.