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Made with a 3D model and intentionally a bit of a cheap character, Needles Kane is a six-button character with several projectiles and trap moves, a large amount of combos, and very powerful Hyper attacks. There's nothing sweet about this cruel clown.

Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth)
Character portrait




Sweet Tooth+Editing Kit Combo Pack





Needles Kane is an agile six-button character with certain elements that make him somewhat cheap, such as the ability to perform three different counter-attacks while guarding (one ranged, a quick trip and a grab) and has very powerful Hypers; Needles also has powerful comboability due to having a large variety of attacks, but he still can be outdone by characters faster than him, or even characters that simply have better combo set-ups. He can also struggle against short characters, though strategically placing traps and relying on projectiles or counters to help close the distance and put Needle Kane's powerful combo game into play is what will work the most effectively.

To start off with level 1's, Needles Kane has a healing move that is only usable at 500 health or below. Second, he has a quick TNT attack where Needles Kane will rush forward and attempt to plant TNT on the opponent's body before kicking them away and watching them go "BOOM". His third level 1 is simply a Mega Gun barrage from the ice cream truck. For level 2's, Needles Kane can use a custom version of the "Reaper" motorcycle to ram the opponent, double back around and throw a flaming chainsaw at them before ramming them a second time and dismounting. The second level 2 has Needles Kane attempting to do a rushing grab to pin the opponent to the wall before calling in the "Sweet Tooth" ice cream truck to lay down some serious hurt with a barrage of Mega Guns, a missile, the "Laughing Ghost" attack from Twisted Metal, and then freezing the opponent before finally ramming them.

Lastly, for level 3's, Needles Kane has another rushing grab move that, if successful, will initiate an onslaught of stabbing the opponent over and over with butcher knives before finishing with a stab with a machete, taking away 500 from the unfortunate victim. The most powerful Hyper in Needles Kane's arsenal is its "Welcome to Twisted Metal" Hyper, in which Needles Kane and P2 get attacked by the vehicle "Darkside". It normally does 500 damage just like its other level 3, "A butcher like me", with the difference being that you can add an additional 100 damage if you land all three interactive attack buttons to launch three more missiles while the Hyper is playing out, giving a grand total of 600 damage.

Finally, Needles Kane's A.I. is a mixture of brutal and simple, being very spammy with a tendency to rely on counter-attacks when being attacked, in addition to using lots of projectiles while at range; despite this, it isn't too smart, so an experienced M.U.G.E.N player should be able to manage defeating it.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Freeze Missile! QCB (A)Button-a Proj
Uses 100 Power
Name Command Input Properties
"Cut it out!" (Y)Button-y+(Z)Button-z ProjCounterInvincible
Name Command Input Properties
"Satisfy your Sweet Tooth!" QCF (A)Button-a+(X)Button-x ProjInvincibleHardknockdown
Restores 150 Life
Life must be less than or equal to 500
Uses 1000 Power


Name Command Input Properties
Shield Dash (A)Button-a+(X)Button-x Press (C)Button-c to cancel into Dashing Clown Kick
Name Command Input Properties
Power Charge [ (Y)Button-y+(B)Button-b ] Gradually increases Power when held
Power must be less than 3000

Palette Gallery

Sweet Palette Sweet Palette Sweet Palette
Sweet Palette Dark Palette Gold Palette

Dark Palette


Like the other palettes, the Dark Palette doesn't change Needles Kane's colour scheme, though it does give the character an alternate idle animation and changes the appearance of the truck; as with many other palette modes, the changes don't stop at aesthetics, also increasing Needle's Attack multiplier to 1.5.

Gold Palette


Like the Dark Palette, Needles Kane's colour scheme is no different from that of its other palettes, with the only visual differences being the change in idle animation and truck appearance; also like the Dark Palette, the Gold Palette grants Needles a stat buff, though instead of increased Attack, the character only takes half the damage it would normally receive from the opponent's attacks.

Victory quotes


You picked the wrong clown to cross today...
Boys and girls, that was so much fun!
First you, then Calypso, and now... everyone else!
That was a good warm-up...
I'm gonna make you regret not killing me when you had the chance...
That was amusing... Ahh, but all those people I haven't killed yet! Looks like I have work to do.
I'll be the greatest killer the world has ever known. You'll see. Everyone will fear the name of Sweet Tooth!
You can't kill me. You can never kill me!


Stupid clown. If you still breathe, go back to running your fast food joint.
vs. Ronald McDonald
You can't possibly win! Now go make me one of your McFlurries before I cut you here and now.
vs. Ronald McDonald
Leave the fighting to us big dogs, you pathetic excuse of a clown!
vs. Ronald McDonald
To think that you were perhaps my biggest competition. Don't make me laugh...
vs. The Joker
News flash. Your jokes... aren't funny.
vs. The Joker
There's only room for one clown in this town!
vs. The Joker
Don't worry about Gotham. I'll take care of it for you.
vs. The Joker
If you can't handle the Bat... I will.
vs. The Joker
So you're the famous Dark Knight? Not impressed.
vs. Batman
Now that you're out of the way, I think I'll take a stroll around Gotham... 'see what I can carve my knife into.
vs. Batman
Stupid. Little. Bat.
vs. Batman
You thought your Joker friend was bad? You ain't seen anything yet.
vs. Batman
'World's greatest detective'... Didn't really think this one through, did you?
vs. Batman
Some god you turned out to be... You just got screwed over by a mortal.
vs. Kratos
'God of War'? More like 'God of Losing-to-Clowns'!
vs. Kratos
You should have stayed in Sparta.
vs. Kratos
The 'Ghost of Sparta'? I guess you're REALLY a ghost now!
vs. Kratos
I've killed tougher than you. Try dealing with Calypso. See how that goes for ya...
vs. Kratos



  • Needles Kane has special intros against The Joker, Ronald McDonald and Kratos.
  • Needles Kane will attack the screen if left standing long enough.


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