Sweet Tooth
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Sweet Tooth as he appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale



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Varia31's version (2015)

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Varia31's version (2015)


Twisted Metal

Sweet Tooth (real name Marcus "Needles" Kane) is character that originates from the Twisted Metal series of video games. Seen on the cover of every game to date, he is the series mascot.

Needles Kane is the split personality of Marcus Kane. His ice cream truck is named "Sweet Tooth", but due to his popularity of being called the same name, "Sweet Tooth" has more or less officially become his nickname/serial killer alias. Outside of being a frequent competitor in Calypso's vehicle combat-based "Twisted Metal" contest, Sweet Tooth is a brutal and cunning serial killer. He has proven to be just as dangerous outside of his vehicle as he is when driving it, as demonstrated by his murderous rampages or when he rivals Kratos from God of War in the game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. His flaming head is the result of a curse meant to forever punish him for the crimes he's committed.

In M.U.G.E.N, Sweet Tooth has been made only once so far by Varia31, although he has also released a resource pack to allow others to make their own versions of the character with.

Varia31's version


Made with a 3D model and intentionally a bit of a cheap character, Needles Kane is a six-button character with several projectiles and trap moves, a large amount of combos, and very powerful Hyper attacks. There's nothing sweet about this cruel clown.