This branch-off article contains any additional palettes available for ToonAlexSora007's version of Sunset Shimmer that are not used by default, not included with the character, or are part of a Palette Selector. To download a palette not included with the character (anything not listed under the alternative palettes or Palette Selector header, should there be one), click on a palette's image; should the palette come in a pack, clicking a palette image will download the entire set.

Alternative palettes

SS Actual Look
SS Adagio Dazzle
SS Applejack
Actual Look Adagio Dazzle Applejack
SS Aria Blaze
SS Black
SS Blonde
Aria Blaze Black Blonde
SS Blue Red and White Flag
SS Bon Bon or Sweetie Drops
SS Brazilian Flag
Blue Red and White Flag Bon Bon or Sweetie Drops Brazilian Flag
SS Christmas
SS Dean Cadence
SS Doll Box Artwork
Christmas Dean Cadence Doll Box Artwork
SS Emo
SS Flash Sentry
SS Fleur De Lis
Emo Flash Sentry Fleur De Lis
SS Fluttershy
SS Gothic
Fluttershy Gothic GRAND DAD
SS Indigo Zap
SS Khuzang
SS Latino
Indigo Zap Khuzang Latino
SS Lemon Zest
SS Lyra Heartstrings
SS Mexican Flag
Lemon Zest Lyra Heartstrings Mexican Flag
SS Toadette
SS Toralei Stripe
SS Night
N1000sh-Toadette Toralei Stripe Night
SS Pinkie Pie
SS Principal Celestia
SS Principal Cinch
Pinkie Pie Principal Celestia Principal Cinch
SS Rainbow Dash
SS Rarity
SS Sci-Twi
Rainbow Dash Rarity Sci-Twi
SS Shining Armor
SS Sonata Dusk
SS Sour Sweet
Shining Armor Sonata Dusk Sour Sweet
SS Spanish Flag
SS Sugarcoat
SS Sunny Flare
Spanish Flag Sugarcoat Sunny Flare
SS Sunset Ginger
SS Sunshine Glow
SS Undertale
Sunset Ginger Sunshine Glow Undertale
SS Utsuho
SS Vice Principal Luna
SS Violet Sunrise
DoomBowser-Utsuho Reiuji Vice Principal Luna Violet Sunrise
SS White
TAS007 SS Gloriosa Daisy
TAS007 SS Timber Spruce
TAS007 SS Cheerilee
Gloriosa Daisy Timber Spruce Cheerilee