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Ankokunaitou's version (2013)

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Ankokunaitou's version (2013)


Live A Live

Sundown (also known as The Sundown Kid) is a cowboy and one of the many playable characters in Live A Live.

He is seen to be quiet, hardly ever speaking at all throughout the course of Live A Live. Sundown's only method of combat is through firearms, something he was once widely known for mastering. This caused his town to be raided by a gang comprised of outlaws, with Sundown fleeing the massacre. After fleeing, Sundown started to wander the desert in search of a place where he could die. He eventually found Success Town, where he saved the local citizens from O.Dio and his gang: the crazy bunch. Sundown also makes an appearance in the Final Chapter of Live A Live, where he can be selected as the Protagonist, or simply recruited.

In M.U.G.E.N, Sundown has been made by Ankokunaitou. The character relies heavily on ranged combat, and even uses some moves from Live A Live as Specials and Hypers. It uses sprites from Live A Live.

Ankokunaitou's version

Ankokunaitou Sundown Idle

Accurate to Live A Live, this version of Sundown is heavily based on ranged combat, with most of his moves being projectiles. Not only that, but this character also has a somewhat smaller amount of Life than most other characters. This version of Sundown also comes with an Ammunition Gauge, which makes Sundown reload every few attacks.

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