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Suika Ibuki
Artwork from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody



Oldest version


Newest version

RoySquadRocks' version (2015)


Touhou Project

Suika Ibuki is an oni from the Touhou Project series, first appearing in Immaterial and Missing Power as the final boss and an unlockable playable character, and later reappearing in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody; she also appeared as a possible support character for Reimu Hakurei in Subterranean Animism, which marks her only appearance in a main series title.

Suika is a jolly and childish oni who loves drinking and is often seen drunk as a result, carrying around a gourd containing a sake bug that turns water into sake. She displays great physical strength that allows her to throw large boulders with ease using only one hand. Her ability is the manipulation of density, which allows her to not only drastically increase her size to giant proportions at will, but also to split up into smaller versions of herself as well as take on the form of mist, the latter of which renders her invulnerable to attack. She is considered to be one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, and was one of the Four Devas of the Mountain alongside Yuugi Hoshiguma and two others prior to them disbanding.

In M.U.G.E.N, Suika Ibuki has been made by various creators. A special edit of Suika, known as Retro Suika, has been made by RoySquadRocks.

RoySquadRocks' versionSeizureicon


This special edit of Suika, known as Retro Suika, comes packed with tons of references to various retro games and jokes and parodies. Some of her Specials have different versions, activated by pressing a button after inputting the command. Her many Specials and Hypers gives her a lot of different options in battle.

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