Sue Sakamoto
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Oldest version

The_None's version (2007)

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The_None's version (2007)


Cave Story

Sue Sakamoto is one of the Cave Story characters. A Mimiga who is an "outsider" of the Mimiga Village.

Sue is met by the main hero of the game in the Egg Corridor under attack by Igor, one of the first bosses of the game. After that, she got imprisoned by the Mimiga Village leader, King, who learned that one of its residents fell into the Doctor's clutches. Sue then tells the hero to find her brother, Kazuma, in Grasstown.

In M.U.G.E.N, Sue Sakamoto was made by The_None.

The_None's version

Sue The None Stand

This version is intended to be as a joke character. It appears as an actual video game sprite and can only move and jump around. The character is weak, cannot attack or defend normally, and only relies on a foreground striker.

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