Original Zero sends out Krizalid as a striker

A striker is a term used for "assists", e.g. entities that appear on-screen and offer help to the character.

Usually, these assists take the form of other characters related to that character, rush in and perform a signature attack of their own, which is usually part of the movelist of that character if the striker is an actual character. They then leave the screen after executing the move.

Some strikers perform the same move every time they are summoned, while others may have randomised movesets or tactical selection based on distance to opponent.

The summoning of strikers in regular characters usually requires some degree of super meter to perform, but some characters can repeatedly summon strikers at no cost, such as Original Zero] and his edits.

Most strikers also have collision hitboxes, and will be knocked out of the screen (perform their exit animation) if they are hit. As such, characters with powerful projectiles may be able to prevent them from harrassing them.


The first fighting game characters to use strikers were Galford and Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown, as they were helped by their pet animals during battle, either sending them to attack the opponent directly or using them to assist in some moves.

The term "striker" was first used in The King of Fighters' 99, referring to the fourth team member chosen which would only serve as an assist during battle. Strikers in KOF99 were more of a novelty, as you could only call them while idle, thus lowering their usefulness. The idea was heavily expanded upon in The King of Fighters' 2000, where you could call strikers any time during battle, be it during a combo or while being hit, thus adding a lot more depth to the system.

Characters with strikers

  • Zeeky H. Bomb by Kamek
  • Iron Man by Gou-San
  • Magneto by Nobuyuki
  • Hayato by Nabeshin
  • Super Mario 64 by Hanyou
  • Jill Valentine by Magus
  • Tron Bonne by LegendaryXM90
  • Onslaught by Xslaught
  • Galactus by Excursion
  • Cyborg Superman by Vladnesas
  • Original Zero
  • Zero Col by Zero Col
  • Krizalid by Chin-ya
  • Seth by Nyankoro
  • Ðshiznetz's Pokémon characters
  • SpongeBob by Placemario (Madoldcrow1105's version also has strikers)
  • Zeroko by FenNes
  • Hatsune Miku by Yu-Toharu
  • Kaito by peg
  • Meer Campbell by NSX-R
  • Kagami Hiiragi by Yogoroneko
  • Sonic the Hedgehog by Claymizer
  • Barack Obama
  • Yukari Yakumo
  • Sanae Kochiya
  • Kohaku's Touhou Characters
  • Super Masao and Super Kouji by Karai
  • Dark Spongebob
  • Doraemon (Kaiemon version also has a striker at half health)
  • Some MvC accurate characters
  • Homer Simpson (Most versions)
  • Daniel (All versions)
  • Adam Amunderson (All versions)
  • Human Bo
  • Nobita Nobi (All versions)
  • Luigi (Pingurules's, mariotime's, and Camillo's)
  • Patrick Star (A few versions)
  • Y Kun (All versions)
  • Kunio (Some versions)
  • Pac-Man (Axel 1825 versions)
  • Princess Peach (Most versions)
  • Kamek by NeoKamek
  • Fat Albert by DDR

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