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Strider Hien
Strider Hien
Artwork from Strider 2







Strider Hien is a character from the Strider series, first introduced in Strider 2. Like Hiryu, he's part of the mercenary clan known as Striders. He uses a dual Cypher plasma sword for combat, similar to Hiryu's, except that he can also throw his sword like a boomerang.

Hien used to be Hiryu's comrade, but after feeling jealous of his superior strength and skill, he left the organization and resurrected Grandmaster Meio, allying himself with Hiryu's enemy and becoming his devoted right-hand man. He sees Meio as a god or a deity and is very loyal to him. He still shows genuine concern about Hiryu and tries to convince him to stop opposing Meio and to join his side, which is met with Hiryu's stern negative response. While still considering him a comrade, however, Hien will not hesitate in fighting Hiryu with all his strength when the time comes.

In M.U.G.E.N, Hien has been created once by K3nShiN.



K3nShiN's Strider is Marvel vs. Capcom-styled, using Strider Hiryu as a base. Hien is more than a mere edit, however, as he has a completely different moveset, and is also notable for having one of the most aggressive A.I.s, being difficult to defeat even by experienced players.

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