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Strength Training
Strength Training Portrait.




PotS' version
Halo Strength Training


Art of Fighting 2

Strength Training is a bonus game based off of Art of Fighting 2. In this bonus game, the player has to fight as many enemies as possible before time runs out. The time limit is 30 seconds, and the possible enemies that can be fought can be found in the Pallette Gallery. This bonus game was made by POTS.

There is also an edit of this bonus stage made by MUGEN Hunter that replaces the characters with Sonic-like ones. It can only be found in his Freedom Fighters 2 Plus full game.


It first starts out with 30 seconds, and will start to decrease once the match starts. The bonus game will send out a random fighter that is one of the four listed in the Pallette Gallery, and will continue to do so until time runs out. The fighters are very weak, and can be defeated in one hard punch. Each man counts as one point, and the player will automatically win regardless of how many points he has earned. Unlike Biohazard, you cannot send out the fighters.

Palette Gallery


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