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Stan Smith
Stan Smith
Artwork from American Dad!


Celluk01 (edit)


PeterRP15's version


American Dad!

Stan Smith is a fictional character of the American animated television series, American Dad!.

Stan is a Central Intelligence Agency officer. Although once a case officer, he is now a weapons expert.

In M.U.G.E.N, Stan Smith has been made by PeterRP15 and is a W.I.P. of Frenchman's, though its current status is unknown.

PeterRP15's Stan Smith Edit


This version of Stan has sprites based on the American Dad Vs. Family Guy flash game, but lacks many animations and sounds. It is a spriteswap of a Kart Fighter version of Donkey Kong Jr. For some Strange reason he throws Jigglypuffs

Frenchman's Stan SmithEdit


This version of Stan Smith has sprites ripped from the American Dad Vs. Family Guy flash game. This Stan was a W.I.P. a few years back, though the creator has been offline for some time, so it's unknown if he's still being worked on, or whether he's been scrapped altogether.

Celluk01's Stan SmithEdit


This Version of Stan Smith is an edit of PeterRP15's Stan Smith, which has been edited by Celluk01 to have cleaner Sprite Work and some of Stan's Quotes added. This Version is more of a Clean Up rather than an improvement but it works alot better.

Videos Edit

MUGEN Homer Simpson Vs04:14

MUGEN Homer Simpson Vs. Stan Smith

Homer Vs. Stan

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