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Spider-Man 2099
Spider-Man 2099 in Shattered Dimensions





Spider-Man 2099

Miguel, an engineer of Irish and Mexican descent, worked for Alchemax. He was less than pleased at the corporation's vast control over the city. A genius in the field of genetics he was being pressured by Tyler Stone (Earth-928) to test a process to imprint genetic codes into human physiology. He reluctantly tried the process on a test subject called Mills. It was a faliure - Mills was transformed into a hideous creature and quickly died.

This was the last straw for Miguel - he went to Stone and attempted to hand in his notice. Stone gave and Miguel accepted a drink which, unknown to Miguel had been laced with the highly addictive hallucinogenic drug called Rapture. As Alchemax (Earth-928) was sole manufacturer of the drug, Stone expected that Miguel would be forced to remain with the company. In an attempt to rid himself of the toxin, Miguel decided to try the genetic procedure, which had killed Mills, on himself.

The process was sabotaged and he was spliced with the genes of a spider in the attempt to kill him (and be covered up as an 'accident'). Miguel survived the process and gained several powers. Making a costume from a Day of the Dead (a traditional Mexican holiday) outfit, Miguel battled Alchemax and other villains as the Spider-Man of 2099. In Spider-Man: Edge of Time he destroyed the CEO, which is Peter Parker 2099. He is the new leader of Alchemax. He is defeated when he tries to change the fabric of time.

In MUGEN, he was created by Magus, with the help of Medrops. At first, he seemed like he was incomplete, but now, with the update from Scruffversary, exactly day 20, he has new hypers and specials and palletes and new code. He is now from beta 2 to 0.8 because Magus is the new coder.


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Spider-Man 2099 is a 6-button character. He plays similarly like Spiderman.


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