Spider-Hulk on the cover of Web Of Spider-Man #70



Oldest version

Adrian's version (2015)

Newest version

Adrian's version (2015)


Marvel Comics

Spider-Hulk is a character from Marvel comics. He is a mixture of two other Marvel characters, Spider-Man and the Hulk. His first and last appearance was in Web Of Spider-Man #70 in 1990.

Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, had taken a trip to Connecticut for an assignment given to him by the Daily Bugle. While there, he was zapped with bio-electric energy from the Hulk. The blast made him feel woozy for a couple days, until he finally got angry and turned into the Spider Hulk. In this form, Spider Hulk has all the abilities that the Hulk has: super strength, durability, able to leap long distances, and even gains the Hulk's diminutive intelligence and vocabulary.

In M.U.G.E.N, Spider-Hulk was created by Adrian (creator).

Adrian's version


A Hulk sprite edit with the help of MS Paint, this version has limited Normals and Comboability, but it has plenty of unnecessary hitboxes. Some sprites lack the spider on the chest, and others show the belt buckle of the original sprite.


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