Sonic exe the real title screen by secretagentjonathon-d5hapdl
Sonic.exe Title Screen




MUGEN105's version
DarklordXelrick's version
nomercyjeffc's version
Killer Sonic.exe



Sonic.exe is a creepypasta about a haunted Sonic the Hedgehog disc, which the teller's friend sent it to him so he could destroy it. He installs it on his PC and plays it anyway and sees the entire game completely messed-up in demonic ways. Sonic.exe can also be used to differentiate between regular Sonic and this incarnation. After a while, the creepypasta turned into a real game that can be downloaded for free off sites that have the link to the game.

The title screen of the game the player plays shows Sonic in his usual pose, but he instead dons hollowed-out eyes, glaring-red pupils, blood dripping from the bottom of his eye, and his smile is bigger and longer. The creepypasta features various stereotypical video gaming related creepypasta material (received from someone in a mysterious fashion, person plays the game, freaky stuff happens such as him attacking Tails and other characters, loud screams, blood everywhere, etc.) and ends with a voice saying "Try to keep this interesting for me, Tom." when the teller turns around he saw a Sonic plushie on his bed that resembles the one in the game, just staring at him.

In M.U.G.E.N, Sonic.exe has been made by various creators.

Mugen105's version

Classic Sonic.exe Mugen2

The former is a sprite edit of SuperMystery's Sonic, so it plays exactly like that character, but all his attacks are OHKO, making him very cheap. Also, it has vast amounts of health, making it impossible to beat without an invincible character.

DarklordXelrick's version

An Ordinary Sonic.exe Mugen2

An edit of SuperMystery's Sonic by DarklordXelrick. While similar to the original, this edit has a few renovations, such as a transition between Sonic and Sonic.exe via monitors, it has elements inspired by a ROM hack by the same name, and it also has some of Sonic.exe signature moves such as Hide and Seek, and Can't Run. It also has a Super form while as Sonic.exe.