Soldier as he appears in Team Fortress 2


Charlotte the Jigglypuff

Oldest version

Charlotte the Jigglypuff's version (2015)

Newest version

Charlotte the Jigglypuff's version (2015)


Team Fortress 2

The Soldier is a bulky and highly dangerous, yet basic offense class from the Valve game, Team Fortress 2. Known for his signature move, the rocket jump, Soldier is able to send himself flying off the ground by detonating a rocket at where his feet are, with the penalty of health-loss at detonation, and at the impact from a fall.

Soldier desired to take part in World War 2, but no matter how desperately he aspired to do so, he had been rejected by every single military branch he turned to. However, he had the guts to buy his very own ticket to Europe, and once he finally reached Poland, he started to prepare for a Nazi-killing rampage by teaching himself how to work a variety of firearms and explosives. During the time, he designed and made himself several medals to comemmorate his achievement. The killing spree came to an end upon being informed of the eventual end of the war in 1949.

In M.U.G.E.N, Soldier has been created by Charlotte the Jigglypuff.

Charlotte the Jigglypuff's versionEditicon


Don't be fooled by its small sprites, this version of the Soldier was built to retain its tough and bulky traits from Team Fortress 2 such as its slow walking speed but dangerous attacks. Charlotte the Jigglypuff quit working on this character before it was given the ability to use Hypers, or before a strong AI was implemented. Therefore he has only one special that can be used by two commands.

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