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Slash Beast
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Slash Beast, known in Japan as Slash Beastleo, is a Lion-based member of the Repliforce a group labeled as Maverick due to their wanting independence. He enlisted in Repliforce only to freely exercise his combat abilities, but despite this attitude he showed dauntless courage in battle, fearing no one. During the coup Slash Beast was put in charge of guarding Repliforce's military supply train.

In M.U.G.E.N, he has been made one time by SnowWolf.

Snow Wolf's version

Like all of Snow Wolf's creations, Slash Beast has difficult controls. His A.I. is also very hard to beat, moves and attacks very fast, and like all of Snow Wolf's creations has a OHKO attack he can use when his health is low. Slash Beast is a Cheap character.


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