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Sky Noah
Sky Noah
Kyo Kusanagi vs Adelheid Bernstein on the latter's home stage




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The Sky Noah is a location in the King of Fighters series, and also the name of the home stage of Adelheid Bernstein.

Like his father Rugal, Adel has his own airship, on which he and his sister Rose Bernstein live. At the end of The King of Fighters 2003, Adel challenges fighters on board this airship, setting up the stage for the (fake) final boss fight.

The most notable element of the stage is Rose Bernstein playing the piano in the middle. When combined with the stage music theme, it becomes apparent that she is playing Chopin's Revolutionary Etude.


The music for this stage is Revolutionary Etude ~ R-II. The stage theme is a two parter - the Revolutionary Etude is the front half and R-II, Adel's true theme, the back half.

The music is not supplied with the stage distirbution.


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