Skullomania SFEX2
Artwork from Street Fighter EX2


SeanAltly & DivineWolf

Oldest version

SeanAltly & DivineWolf's version (2013)

Newest version

DEMAN's version (2013)


Street Fighter EX

Skullomania is a character originating from the 3D fighting game series, Street Fighter EX, which would also be his only appearance in the Street Fighter series.

In Street Fighter EX1, it is explained that Skullomania was a former salesman called Saburo Nishikoyama; his superiors didn't like his results as a salesman and he became very frustrated with the pressure, so he volunteered to dress up as a superhero at a carnival; though he soon garnered significant attention, he quickly became tired of his job, deciding to become a vigilante crime-fighter instead. Skullomania's storyline was changed in EX2 and EX3 for unknown reasons.

In M.U.G.E.N, Skullomania has been made by SeanAltly & DivineWolf and DEMAN; SeanAltly & DevineWolf's version uses custom sprites, while DEMAN's version uses rips from Street Fighter EX 2.

SeanAltly & DivineWolf's version

Skullomania Sprite

Originally created for Capcom vs. The World, this version naturally features custom sprites created by SeanAltly himself to match the game's aesthetics and features gameplay mechanics from Capcom vs. SNK 2, The King of Fighters, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Street Fighter III, as well as the entirely of Skullomania's Street Fighter EX moveset. Its A.I. has a tendency to spam Hypers.