Skeleton with AK-47 on Giant Chicken
Image of a skeleton with an AK-47 from the thumbnail of Vinesauce Joel's Crazy Skyrim Mods video



Oldest version

RoundOne's version (2016)

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RoundOne's version (2016)


Skyrim Mod

Skeleton with AK-47 on Giant Chicken is a character inspired from a stream from Vinesauce Joel about Skyrim mods, based on a scene in the video where the player character rides a giant chicken while holding an AK-47 modded into the game.

In the video, Joel plays as a skeleton, with a mod applied that makes the skeleton a playable race, and mods various objects like lightsabers into the game. According to the creator, he made the character after reading a commment on the video saying that the skeleton with an AK-47 riding a giant chicken from said video should be a character in M.U.G.E.N. The character's sprites are taken from various sources, with the chicken being a Cucco.

In M.U.G.E.N, Skeleton with AK-47 on Giant Chicken has been made by RoundOne.

RoundOne's version


A skeleton with an AK-47 riding a chicken? What? Yes, you read it right. For all intents and purposes, this is obviously a joke character, reflected by the fact that it has only a single attack and has very little sprites, though said attack, which involves shooting fireballs from the AK-47, can be spammed to easily obliterate the opponent.