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Simon (or Saimon) is an original 3D character made by Mr Chicken Heart. He seems to be a fairly normal person wearing a red cape and in black sunglasses.

In M.U.G.E.N, Simon has been made by Mr Chicken Heart. Most of his gameplay revolves around posing or using a bunch of items as ways to attack.

Mr Chicken Heart's version

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Saimon Idle

Simon/Saimon is a character with a fairly humorous tone, as one of his intros has him set up a radio which plays 'Sunset Heroes' From the game 'God Hand', which lasts for the entire fight until it is hit and destroyed. He is a bit underpowered, and his A.I. is very easy, making him a nice opponent for unexperienced players. He has attacks such as throwing rocks, utilizing a heavy piece of metal and a bust to defend himself, and making a pair of sunglasses appear over the screen, which augments his attack greatly. He even uses several weapons such as bats, a tazer, a cane, a knife, and a frying pan. He even can throw dust while on the ground to stun the opponent. Humorously enough, he curls into a fetal position when charging his power. Due to the fact that he is pretty slow, he can make himself go faster by drinking a soda, or injecting drugs, also draining his health as a compensation if he does so.

As a unique ability, he hits his opponent before the round starts if it is the second round, dealing a small amount of damage, and has different taunts by pressing the directional buttons and the taunt button at the same time, and can taunt in the air (which gives him flash bombs). He can also grab the opponent, which results in different outcomes, such as:

  • A Shun Goku Satsu (Can hurt him or the opponent)
  • Freezing the characters with an error message.
  • Freezing the amount of time left in a round.
  • Throwing the opponent off a cliff.
  • Shooting the opponent.
  • Causing himself to get chased by police (Instant K.O. to Simon/Saimon).
  • Standing on the opponent and giving them the option of being shot (All options still make the opponent get shot).
  • A cinematic divekick through the opponent.
  • Causing him to ride a missile, which explodes and does massive damage to everyone.
  • Causing many clones to appear onscreen, do poses and hurt the opponent.
  • Hanging the opponent.
  • Causing everyone to go into a similar state as a Midnight Bliss.
  • Making some dialog appear, with no apparent effect.







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