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Artwork of Shrek



Oldest version

Cool's first version (2008)

Newest version

Cool's second version (2008)



Shrek is the main protagonist of the Shrek film franchise produced by DreamWorks Animation. He is a large, green, physically intimidating ogre.

Shrek's background is something of a mystery, although it can be assumed that he prefers to live in solitude due to the way the rest of the world has (and continued to up until the third film) treat him. Though surly, misanthropic, and venomously cranky, Shrek is peaceful and doesn't care to hurt anyone (although will do so if provoked), but he just wants to be left alone. He is shown to have immense strength and durability, easily overpowering large groups of soldiers.

In M.U.G.E.N, Shrek has been made by cool on two occasions.

Cool's first version


With only one attack that doesn't even connect at all and only 15 sprites, Cool's initial version of everybody's favorite memetic green ogre can barely be considered a M.U.G.E.N character. There is also a possibility that Lord Farquadd himself even programed this character.


Cool's second version


Cool's second take on the Ogrelord is significantly better than the first, but due to unoptimised hitboxes and overall poor gameplay, it is still far from being worthy of a spot in one's roster.


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