The original Hadouken

A Shoto Clone is, essentially, a character that plays in a similar manner to the fighting game characters, Ryu, Ken, or Akuma from the Street Fighter series of games.

Characters usually possess the following attacks and the following commands to qualify as a Shoto-Clone:

  1. A fireball analogous to the original Hadouken, usually executed using a quarter circle forward motion. (QCF Button-xyz) This fireball floats in the air and usually can be ducked under.
    N64Mario sfa ryu shoryuken

    The original Shoryuken

  2. An anti-air move analagous to the original Shoryuken that may carry the character into the air, usually executed using a DP (Dragon Punch) motion. (DP Button-xyz)
  3. A flying horizontal move analagous to the original Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku, usually executed using a quarter circle back motion. (QCB Button-abc)

Other popular attacks of characters in this category include things like a donkey kick, a simple dodge roll, and a teleport slide (known as the Ashura Senkuu), although having them is not required.