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Shen Woo
Artwork from The King of Fighters XI




Ikaruga's Version
Ahuron's Version
jin's Version


The King of Fighters 2003

Shen Woo is a character from the King of Fighters series. He was raised in Shanghai where he created his own brutal style of street boxing. He soon came to be very feared, and grew to enjoy the thrill of the fight. Eventually, he came to know the enigmatic fighter Ash Crimson, who entered Shen, himself, and Duo Lon as the "Hero team" into the KOF 2003 tournament. Despite he and Duo Lon having suspicions of Ash's agenda, Shen couldn't care less as he was too eager to find and face stronger opponents.

At the end of The King of Fighters XI, Ash decides to settle his teammates' agendas. Oswald joined the tournament looking for a drug known as the "Dragon Pills", an illegal and off-the-market drug. Ash explains that the provider for this drug will not sell it but will consider giving it to Oswald if he defeats their adversary, Shen. Since Shen is looking for a strong opponent to fight and Oswald needs the "Dragon Pills", Ash decides to pit his two teammates against each other.

Surviving his fight with Oswald, Duo Lon later meets up with him to find out Ash's whereabouts. Though Shen knows nothing, he isn't too happy with the idea of being used twice by a person he doesn't really know. With the excuse that he can fight stronger opponents if he decides to find out more about Ash, they team up and head to the one who seems to know anything about their former teammate: Elisabeth Blanctorche. In their team's ending, both he and Duo Lon respectively give Elisabeth time to mourn over Ash's "death".

Ahuron's VersionEdit


Ahuron's Shen is based from the moveset and sprites from KOF XIII. There is Guard a guard guage set and all of his super moves are still in effect.

Jin VersionEdit


Jin's Shen is based from KOF XI due to the new Color and different voice. Also he has Rival intros with Ash Crimson and M. Bison

Tin VersionEdit

Tin's is based from Shen in KOF 2003 but has his moves edited to MVC style. Also weirdly low impact on his attacks. and he has Rival Dialouge with Ryu and Ken

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