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Shaquille O'Neal
Picture of Shaquille O'Neal


The None


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Shaq Fu

Shaquille O'Neal, also known as just Shaq, is a retired professional basketball player and current analyst on the TV series Inside the NBA.

He was the host of Cartoon Network's Hall Of Game awards where voters have to vote for their favorite athlete in different categories on Cartoon Network's website. He also appears as a QR code for the Nintendo 3DS game Tomodachi Life.

In M.U.G.E.N, Shaquille O'Neal has been made by The_None, with sprites taken from the game Shaq-Fu, he does not show accuracy to the game other than a few gameplay mechanics/gimmicks and focuses more on Shaq himself and his appearances in Movies/TV.

Gameplay Edit


  • Life: 1000
  • Power: 100
  • Attack: 100
  • Defence: 100



  • LP = x
  • HP = y
  • LK = a
  • HK = b
  • S = Taunt
  • M = c (Run/Evasion Button)
  • Throw (While close) = z


  • Run: F, F or (Hold) F, M
  • Dash Back: B, B or (Hold) B, M
  • Roll Dodge: (Hold) D, M
  • Teleport (Needs 1/2 of a superbar): B, F, M
  • "Power UP" (Needs 1 superbar): (Hold) D, S

Command MovesEdit

  • Forward Kick: (Hold) F, K
  • Two Punches: (Hold) B, LP
  • Upward Fist: U, LP
  • Rising Roundhouse Kick: U, HK
  • Okizeme Punch: D, HP

Special MovesEdit

  • Shaq-urikin = F, B, F, P
  • Inferno Kick = D, F, K
  • Shadow Kick = (Charge) B, F, K
  • Overhead hop = B, D, F, P
  • Kangaroo Kick = F, D, F, K

Super MovesEdit

  • Kienzan = D, B, D, F, P
  • Fast Food Rain = D, D, D, K
  • Shaq Attack = D, F, D, F, K
    • (Before the final kick (Before he hits with the Inferno Kick) Still unstable = D, F, D, B, K
      • (Same condition as before) Final Steel = B, F, B, F, P

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