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Shadow Kouma
Shadow Kouma




Logical Bends


Melty Blood: Actress Again

Shadow Kouma is one of The_None's most known creations (besides Dee Bee Kaw), that has the ability to morph into many of The_None's characters. It's basically a character that is mashing up all of his own characters.


These are the characters Kouma morphs into:


His gameplay is random. Each buttom or combo you do is a different attack. All his moves consist on using the other character's moves. He also has a mode where he is played like Kouma for a short period of time, and as such, can use his own basic attacks. In this mode, the attacks tend to deal more damage. The download of Kouma comes with 2 .def files, 1 for normal Kouma, and the other for the shadow Kouma.

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Shadow Kouma's Sprite

==Moves and Combos==

Command Moves:

  • Air Launcher: F+X
  • Overhead attack: F+A
  • Parry: C
  • Shield Bunker: QCB+C
  • Blowback Edge*: Hold B
  • Throws (To be inputed in close proximity of the opponent):
  • Ground Throw: (B/F)+Y/B
  • Air Throw (On air): (B/F)+Y/B
  • Sanjou'e: QCF+P
  • -> Another Punch Followup*: QCF+P
  • -> Kick Followup*: QCF+K
  • -> Gut Followup*: QCF+P
  • Akkai: QCB+P
  • -> Slam Down*: Hold Down
  • -> Wallslam*: Hold Back
  • Santeikei: QCF+K
  • Nijousui: DP+K
  • -> Kick Followup*: QCF+K
  • Kuuchuu Nijousui* (Air Only): QCF+K
  • -> Kick Followup*: QCF+K
  • Kabutogami*: DD+K
  • Kabutodashi: QCB+K
  • Dive Kick (Air Only): QCB+K
  • Manliness: HCB+K

DMs (Needs at least 1000 of power):

  • Dokkaku: Zugaikyou: QCF+2P
  • Dokkaku: Gusokukai: QCB+2P
  • Dokkaku: Indaramou: QCF+2K
  • Dokkaku: En'e Gonjou* (During Akkai): DP+2P
  • Kabutogami (Kyou)*: DD+2K
  • Super Manliness*: HCB+2K
  • Stablility Stasis**: Z
SDMs (Needs at least 2000 of power):
  • Koushuu Enbu Daienjou: HCF+2P

HSDMs (Needs at least 3000 of power):

  • Yama Hanketsu: Succesfully pull off an Air parry

Kouma is like Uppercut, except his moves aren't just punches.

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