Mizuchi's Kon super, an example of a screen filler.


In M.U.G.E.N and other fighting games, a screen filler attack is an attack that, as the name suggests, strikes the entire screen within a very short period of time, forcing the opponent to block or be hit by the attack.

Such attacks are usually super attacks wielded by boss characters for the purposes of increasing their damage output or providing an instant punish against missed attacks.

As these attacks are virtually guaranteed damage, they are considered to be cheap attacks and characters who wield them are often considered as cheap characters. However, they can usually be balanced by adding a long startup.

Note that to be considered a true screen filler attack, the attack must hit the full screen on activation, without the need for any reversal or initial hit. A screen-spanning wall of hitboxes or projectiles that cannot be dodged by jumps, rolls or invulnerable dashes can also be considered a true screen filler attack. For example:

  • Mizuchi's Kon super hits full screen immediately, and is thus a screen filler attack.
  • Goenitz-KOFM's Wall of WInds consists of 10 seconds of random, rapid spawning tornado projectiles that flood the screen, which is impossible to avoid without blocking or infinite sidesteps. It is thus a screen filler attack as well.
  • Pachirisu's Flash attack covers the entire screen and puts the opponent into a long hitstun.


  • Gustab Munchausen's Super Celestial Destruction consists of an advancing wave of energy pillars. It can be rolled through, as is thus not a screen filler (despite hitting every point on screen over its execution).
  • Kula Diamond's XIII's Neo Freeze Execution has a segment where Kula floods the screen with ice. However, she must land the initial hit for this to happen. Thus, the attack is not a screen filler.

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