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Scout as he appears in Team Fortress 2


Charlotte the Jigglypuff


Nightgiygas43's version


Team Fortress 2

The Scout is the speed-oriented offense class from the Valve game, Team Fortress 2.

The Scout is the youngest of eight boys from the south side of Boston, Massechusetts, USA, having earned his mighty agility from racing to the ballpark in his youth. Since he is a huge baseball fan, he feels the need to carry around a baseball bat as a trademark part of his arsenal.

He is known for having a large ego, constantly gloating about his abilities, as well as being featured in various fanmade videos.

In M.U.G.E.N, Scout has been made by Nightgiygas43, also known as Backburner26, as well as Charlotte the Jigglypuff, who had later discontinued the project.

Charlotte the Jigglypuff's version


Is it Mega Man? Or is it Scout? This 8-bit mercenary is equipped with a somewhat limited set of moves, primarily based on the weapons he uses in Team Fortress 2. Scout was built for two main things: to replicate how he plays in his source game and to talk a lot. While he is small in size, lightweight and agile, he doesn't have a great deal of normal attacks to work with, cannot combo well and has no custom A.I.



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