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Samus Aran
Samus SSB4
Artwork from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U




Endoedgar's Versions
Jupiter's Version
Odb718's Version
BaganSmashBros's Version
MarthBelmont's Version (ZSS)
Ax's Version
Zeckle's Version
Varia31's Version
AI patch for Varia31`s Samus by BaganSmashBros



Samus Aran is the main character and protagonist of the Metroid series. She is a bounty hunter seeking to stop the Space Pirates and also the enemy of Ridley.

In M.U.G.E.N. Samus was made by Endoedgar using sprites from Super Metroid, later adding in the Metroid Fusion and the SA-X versions. In 2007, she was a W.I.P by ShinRyoga and Reuben Kee, but was cancelled due to Reuben Kee's death later that same year due to a boating accident. She is a beta version by Odb718 using screenshots from Super Smash Bros Brawl. Another Samus was made by Varia31 and is currently being worked on to add more attacks and improve gameplay and sprites.

Jupiter's SamusEdit

Another version of Samus was made by Jupiter. The sprites were ripped from Super Metroid and most of her attacks are based off the game. She shoots missiles, power shots, ice missiles, bombs, and can even do a Screw Attack. She can be cheap when being controlled, because the player can spam her power shots until the opponent is down. When Samus is controlled by the CPU, her AI is random. She summons out clones to help her in the battle and they mostly shoot power shots and ice missiles.

BaganSmashBros's SamusEdit

This Samus' model (that was used for sprites) is based on Metroid Other M's Varia Suit, but animations are based on SSBB. Unlike MOM Ridley, she has no hypers, but can dodge attacks using C button (in air and on ground) and her projectiles and bombs requires no energy. Her AI is weaker than Ridley's and spams many projectiles. She can use Super Missiles, Morph Ball bombs, Charge Beam, Screw Attack and melee attacks.

MarthBelmont's Zero Suit SamusEdit

This version of Samus is without her armor and she uses Blair Dame sprites. She is compatible with Demitri Maximoff's Midnight Bliss and Soul Ninja MK2's fatalities.

Ax's SamusEdit

Samus ax idle

This version of Samus is a minor edit of Ax's Mega Man X. As with all of Ax's characters, Samus is still in beta stages and will likely remain as such. It is a sprite edit of Iron Man.

Odb718's SamusEdit


This version of Samus uses Samus' 3D model from Super Smash Bros. Brawl for its sprites, though Odb718 created his own animations with it. Samus uses similar moves to the ones she uses in Brawl, but altered to better fit the typical 2D fighting game playstyle. She is considered to still be in beta.

Varia31's SamusEdit


This version of Samus is derived from a 3D model, much like Odb718's version, though is instead using Samus' Metroid: Other M model, but with textures reminiscent of Super Smash Bros. 4's Samus. An AI patch was made by BaganSmashBros that gives her normal A.I.. If she is on the same team as Super Metroid, her Power Beam will be replaced by the Zero Laser. She also has a special win animation against Endoedgar's Mother Brain.


Hovering the mouse cursor over the icons will display a more direct activation method akin to how the move activations are coded; this is what the following key/legend represents.


D = Down

F = Right

B = Left

U = Up

DF = Down-right

DB = Down-left

UF = Up-right

UB = Up-left

a/b/c = Kick

x/y/z = Punch

s = Taunt

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] mean for the respective button(s) to be held down.


Name Command Input Properties
Wave Beam Button-B Button-LP Proj


Name Command Input Properties
Plasma Beam Button-F Button-LP Proj


Name Command Input Properties
Charge Beam Button-LP Button-LP Proj


Name Command Input Properties
Speed Booster Button-LK (While running)


Name Command Input Properties
Super Missile Button-B Button-LK Proj



Name Command Input Properties
Hyper Beam QCF Button-LPButton-LK Proj


Name Command Input Properties
Boost Ball [ Button-D ] Button-LPButton-LK Proj
Removed in BaganSmashBros's A.I. Patch

Animation needed

Name Command Input Properties
Power Bomb QCF Button-MPButton-MK Proj


Name Command Input Properties
Gunship Assault QCF Button-HPButton-HK Proj


Name Command Input Properties
Zero Laser Button-HPButton-LK Proj
When merged with Super Metroid in team battle

Animation needed


Videos Edit

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