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Sammo Hakka (also known as Sammo Hacka in other fan translations of Live A Live) is a playable character in Live A Live, and one of the three possible inheritors of the Xin Shan Quan style of Kung Fu.

He is encountered by Xin Shan Quan Master in Yuan Hua Street, stealing food from a local restaurant. The Master is given the option to either fight Sammo or to pay for all the food he stole; both options leading to Sammo becoming the Master's student. If Sammo is trained more than the other students, he will survive to the end of the Kung Fu chapter and will be available as one of the possible protagonists of the final chapter of Live A Live.

In M.U.G.E.N, Sammo has been made by Ankokunaitou, under the name Sammo-Hacka. The character focuses on close-range combat, with rather slow moves, emulating how he performs in Live A Live, having powerful attacks and a high HP stat, at the cost of a low speed stat. It uses sprites from Live A Live.

Ankokunaitou's version

Anko Sammo Idle

Perhaps as a result of his obesity, Sammo-Hacka lags heavily when it comes to combos, having very few in his moveset along with many of his attacks having large amounts of startup. To make up for this, the character has highly damaging moves as well as a somewhat higher amount of Life than the average character.

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