Sagume Kishin
Artwork from Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom



Oldest version

Minoo's version (2017)

Newest version

Minoo's version (2017)


Touhou Project

Sagume Kishin is a Lunarian goddess from Touhou Project. She appeared as the Stage 4 boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.

She has the ability to reverse a situation with her words. Whenever she speaks about a situation or event, that situation will reverse itself. For example, when she says something bad happens, something good will happen. In Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, Junko froze the Lunar Capital, forcing every resident of the Lunar Capital to flee to the Dream World. Sagume thought of a backup plan to move the Lunar Capital to Gensokyo in case the Lunarians would leave the Dream World. When the player approaches her, she uses her ability to help save the Lunar Capital and talks to the player to force the situation to reverse around them.

In M.U.G.E.N, Sagume has been made by Minoo.

Minoo's version


This character uses custom sprites and has a very unusual gameplay style for a M.U.G.E.N character, using only two buttons for melee attacks. This limits her melee moveset, making her rely more on projectiles. She has some cheap aspects, like a very spammable projectile attack that can K.O. the opponent in seconds when spammed and an exploit that allows for incredibily fast Power gain.

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