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Safer Sephiroth
Artwork of Safer Sephiroth from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy






Final Fantasy

Safer Sephiroth is the metamorphed demi-god form of Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy series, who serves as the final boss of Final Fantasy VII.

Just as Meteor is about to make impact with the planet, Cloud Strife and his party encounter Sephiroth's true body at the Northern Crater. At this point, Sephiroth begins the final stages of his plan to become a god by directly absorbing the Lifestream into his body. With the Lifestream reacting to the Jenova cells contained within his body, including the remnants of Jenova that made their way to the Northern Crater as part of the "reunion", Sephiroth shapeshifts into a large cocoon-like form known as Bizarro Sephiroth, before finally emerging as Safer Sephiroth.

In M.U.G.E.N, Safer Sephiroth is a boss type character that has been created by ANMC.

ANMC's version

Safer Sephiroth

Although this version's Life stat is set to the value of 300000, his Defence stat is set to a value of 1 versus the typical 100 Defence, resulting in the character being able to take only 3000 damage before being K.O.'d. He is immune to certain attacks such as light punches, but can be comboed out by cheap characters. However, his armor code forces all combos used against him to apply his own form of damage dampening, which can scale the damage down faster than most characters.

Safer Sephiroth is a 6-button character utilizing the (X)Button-x (Y)Button-y (Z)Button-z (A)Button-a (B)Button-b and (C)Button-c buttons. Each button corresponds to a different attack from the Final Fantasy series, including Attack, Bolt, Ice, Fire, Death, Bio, Bolt 3, Comet, Meteor, and Ultima. Safer Sephiroth does not rely on the ground as he will at all costs fly around. Using the arrow keys will allow him to reach greater heights and distances akin to a usual character with flight abilities.


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  • Sephiroth, the human form of Safer Sephiroth.
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