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SIMD (standing for Suck It MUGEN Database) is an original character that exists for the sole purpose of making the editors of the MUGEN Database "rage", as stated in the ReadMe file included with the character. It is a cyan creature whose body appears to be primarily taken up by its mouth, donning a single row of sharp teeth at both the top and bottom of its body; the inside of its "mouth" is lined with pink markings covered in green dots that flicker, while the outside of its body glows with a grey aura.

Characters documented on the MUGEN Database feature their idle animation under their respective gameplay section, so as a result of this, SIMD was created with the intention of having a character whose idle animation was impossible to extract as one whole animation, consisting of eight different layers of animation that act independently of each other, though the complexity was mitigated somewhat due to each layer following the same movement pattern; as evidenced below, however, the animation was successfully ripped.

In M.U.G.E.N, SIMD has been created by GozioLog. The character consists of almost nothing past its intended purpose and is made up of very simple unshaded sprites, though it does feature a single attack that forms a barrier around itself and fires off multiple projectiles in several directions.

GozioLog's version


Telling the MUGEN Database to "suck it" isn't unheard of, but it seems a certain individual by the name of GozioLog went the extra mile by creating a character to really drive the point home...or at least, that's what they were hoping for. With an idle animation consisting of eight individual layers that was successfully ripped against the creator's expectations, the only thing that's really impossible with SIMD is the ability to take it seriously.