SCP-173 as it appears in SCP - Containment Breach


Tylor the Hedgehog


Tylor's version
TAW's version


SCP Foundation

SCP-173 is the first ever SCP in the SCP Foundation. Called "The Sculpture", it's an animate and sentient creature that will kill anything it sees, usually by snapping its victim's neck. The SCP is virtually indestructible, as it is made of solid concrete. However, its weakness is that it cannot move in direct eyesight. Even then, it's so fast that even blinking can mean death. It's classified as a Euclid-class entity, meaning that it's dangerous and harder to contain than Safe SCPs, but it doesn't provide a large threat due to the nature of its weakness.

In M.U.G.E.N, SCP-173 has been made by Tylor the Hedgehog and TAW.

TAW's version

This version of SCP-173 acts like a boss character, with hyper armor and high defense.

Its only attack requires it to wait. After waiting, the screen turns black, and it teleports to the opponent, attacking them. After attacking, however, it must wait before attacking again. This can be dodged if the opponent jumps at the right time.