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Ryuko is an original character created by OGGY. Though at first she seems to be an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl, she possesses many exaggerated and over-the-top powers, such as releasing energy tornados from her hands, creating explosions and transforming into a bigger form of herself. Judging from her winquotes (in Zero-Sennin's version), she also seems to have a hot-blooded personality.

She uses original sprites edited by OGGY and her moveset is also original. Ryuko's full of fast, powerful and devasting moves the AI constantly spams until the match is over, making her a good example of a Cheap Character.

Ryuko has received mixed reception amongst the M.U.GE.N. community, with some praising her well done sprites and art style, and others criticizing her cheap and exaggerated moveset and gameplay. Due to this, several edited versions of her exist, which keep the original sprites and change the gameplay, most notably Zero-Sennin's edit.

Ryuko has been created twice by OGGY and edited once by Zero-Sennin and once by Flowrallia.

OGGY's versions


2 versions of Ryuko have been made by OGGY. Though both versions use the same sprites and moveset, there are differences between the two. Three notable facts about the original versions are the high level of cheapness, the four button layout, which includes "auto combo" buttons (pressing some buttons make her do long combos with a single press), plus she is capable of damaging her opponent during her wake up animation. She uses Maki's voice from Capcom vs. SNK 2.

The first version is considered the cheapest due to her more aggressive AI, more damaging moves and reduced hitbox. She is given invincibility frames during her "get hit" animation, making her imposible to combo. This character has a cheapness level comparable that of Rare Akuma. She can only be beaten with characters such Psycho Shredder, Crazy Catastrophe, ONI-MIKO-ZERO and The God of Chuck Norris series.

The second version, while still cheap, fixes some flaws of the first version and tones down the damage scale of her super moves. It also adds a few more supers. It should be noted that the 2nd version is still very difficult to beat and still has an aggressive AI.

Zero-Sennin's edit


This edit of Ryuko by Zero-Sennin keeps the same sprites and changes her gameplay, turning her into a more balanced fighter. This version can be considered a completely different character as her moveset has been changed and she keeps very few moves from the original version. Her new moveset turns her into a close ranged fighter with Dragon-themed techniques. It also has a different voice and many new color palettes (OGGY's versions only had one)


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