Ryo Sakazaki
Artwork from The King of Fighters XIII




CrazyKoopa's version
Ironjw's version (AOF2)
Brown's version (AOF3)
Masa's version (FFS)
Ehnyd's version (KOF98UM)
Cirio's version (KOF2002)
Ikaruga's version (KOFXI)
Rejy2505 & Nigth's version (KOFXIII)
Jin's version (NGBC)
Warusaki3's version (CvS)


Art of Fighting

Ryo Sakazaki is one of the main characters from the Art of Fighting series, appearing as a secret character in Fatal Fury Special and later becoming a regular in the King of Fighters series.

The son of Takuma Sakazaki, Ryo is also his disciple of the Kyokugenryu Karate, his skill only matched by his best friend and rival Robert Garcia. When his little sister Yuri Sakazaki is kidnapped, the two start on a quest to find her, going through Southtown and interrogating everyone. Ryo defeats Mr. Big, who was the kidnapper, and his apparent henchman Mr. Karate. As Ryo is about to deliver the final blow on Mr. Karate, Yuri stops him revealing that he is actually their father Takuma, who was being forced to work for Mr. Big.

In M.U.G.E.N, Ryo Sakazaki has been made by various authors.

Fred's versionEditicon


Fred has made a version of Ryo along with many other Art of Fighting characters. Ryo is in the same style as them, with the Special Moves costing Power.


Ironmugen's version


While being based heavily off Ryo's The King of Fighters '95 incarnation, it seems to take many liberties from the source, such as a more conventional Power system and a slightly more versatile dodge. Even, then it still has all of its moves from the source. Despite being developed in 2006, it wasn't actually released until 2011, alongside many similarly converted characters from the same game.


Sekirei's version


A very close conversion of Ryo from The King of Fighters '94 and The King of Fighters '95, this version of Ryo plays as a hybrid of both games. It contains many special abilities, most of which are source accurate, although it has a stun bar, something not present in the source.



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