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Rulue is a character from the Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo series. She first appeared as the antagonist in Madou Monogatari III and as the second-to-last opponent in the first Puyo Puyo game. She even starred in her very own game, Rulue's Spring Break of Fists.

Rulue is madly in love with Satan (known as Dark Prince outside Japan), and will do anything he says to win his affections. She is a rival of Arle Nadja, as Satan is in love with Arle. Rulue is a powerful martial artist and self-proclaimed "Fighting Queen", but unlike most characters from the series, she lacks the ability to use magic. She has a huge minotaur as her servant.

In M.U.G.E.N, Rulue has been made by Robo, being based on Rulue's appearance from the Madou Monogatari games and the Puyo Puyo games before Puyo Puyo Fever's art style change.

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Using custom sprites based on her classic appearance, the Fighting Queen uses four buttons for attacks and two buttons for system moves, sporting an entirely melee-oriented moveset that lacks projectile attacks, but comboing with her is not very easy in spite of this. She is very agile and has powerful Hypers while also having an optional custom A.I. that can easily decimate opponents.

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